Overflow Farms

Here at Overflow Farms, we believe in providing everyone in our community a choice to eat farm-fresh foods.  We don’t grow food for retail, we grow food for our community. That’s why our small family-owned business in Riverside, California, has expanded to provide service directly to you. 


Overflow: Manna for the Homeless

Overflow is a student organization primarily focusing on the principles taught by Jesus Christ. Although we have differences in religious beliefs, creeds, and philosophies, we believe that philanthropy work supersedes those dividing walls and brings us all together. We welcome any college students who want to serve their fellow man to join our efforts on campus as we partner with others who give out of the overflow of their hearts to the less fortunate. OverFlow has helped with RCCOC’s Manna for the Homeless ministry, Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California, Riverside City Mission Food Box Delivery & Bible studies at UC Riverside.


Ghana | West Africa Missions

   Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) is a Christian non-profit with an overall mission to provide basic resources in order to create opportunity, build capacity, and knowledge for the sustainability and well-being of all people – with a special focus on vulnerable women and children. 

   As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they strive to be a servant-minded organization working in specific focus areas of northern Ghana to demonstrate the love of God by helping those living in extreme poverty. 
   While partnering with local communities, governments, foundations, organizations, churches and universities, they work to build partnerships to create an opportunity to ensure children and their parents have healthy living, adequate education, participate in the relationship of the love of God, to know Christ and are safe.
For more information visit their website: gwam.org
or view this short presentation GWAM The Gospel Changes Everything


Riverside City Mission: Food Box Delivery

   Started in 1997, Riverside City Mission has been volunteer lead and supported for all its services they provide, such as their Mobile Outreaches, Family Food Box deliveries, supplying clothing and appliances for the needy, and just being there to pray with and love people.

  We thank God for each of the generous, gracious volunteers that God has sent our way.

  But now, the demands of the poor and needy in our communities are greater than ever. We need to keep doing what we do—but do it more and better. And there are many new tasks being laid on us as well. That’s why we need your help.
Sign-up today: Here 
For more information check out the volunteer page or email at: corriepcmm@aol.com